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Goof:  In the two pictures below you can clearly see cables attached to the roof of the truck. These were used to lower the truck into and out of the water. The shot was not framed well enough to cut out the cables so we see them.

As Sanchez escapes the camera cuts back to Felix's house where the wedding reception was held.  707 South Street Key West Florida.

Next we go to Sanchez hiding in a warehouse. I believe the warehouse was on Garrison Bight , Key West.  It may have been replaced by some really ugly condos but it will take more on site investigation to determine for sure.

We cut to James Bond arriving at the Key West Airport to get on a plane out of the country. This is actually filmed at the Key West Airport.

At the airport James learns of Sanchez's escape. James rushes back to Felix's house on South Street.

As James arrives at Felix's house we see a funny goof.  In the picture above what looks like a mother and son are slowly walking down the sidewalk. She realizes that they are behind where they should be for the shot and tells the boy to hurry up and gestures with her hand to move faster as seen in the picture below.

After a brief stop at a hospital (unknown location) James and Sharky go to the research center/warehouse on Garrison Bight.

Then to Sharky's boat also at Garrison Bight.

Next we see James outside The Shell Warehouse at Mallory Square, Key West.

Then with Hollywood movie magic they go from just outside Mallory Square ((Yellow square in picture below ) along light blue line in picture below)) to the street just outside Ernest Hemingway's former house (Red square in picture below) all in the blink of an eye.  More than seven blocks away.

In the picture below the lighthouse we see in the background is surrounded by a red square. The light blue arrow indicates where James enters. The tiny blue dot on the bottom right corner of the house is where the meet was held and the green dot next to the blue one is where James jumps to the ground. I suspect that the shot of James running through the trees was actually shot at the lighthouse.

According to the bonus features section of the DVD, the boat scenes where James sneaks onto Krest's boat , ruins the drug shipment and escapes in the delivery plane all takes place off Snipe Point near Key West.  In the movie this location is reported to be Sal Cay which is in the Bahamas between the Keys and Cuba.

In the picture below the yellow arrow points to Snipe Point while the red arrow points to the Sugarloaf Shores Airport where Sanchez had landed at the start of the film.

After escaping from Krest, James returns to Key West. He goes to Felix's house and learns of a meet with Ms. Bouvier at the Barrel Head in Bimini.

The exterior of the Barrelhead is not in Bimini. The scene (at least the exterior shots) was shot on Key West at the west end of Garrison Bight about 100 yards from where Sharky kept his boat.

In the picture below the yellow arrow points toward the Barrelhead and the red arrow points toward Sharky's boat.

That is the last of the Florida filming on License To Kill.  From here they move to Mexico.

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