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Then we cut to the river where the A.B.s are already in position.  This was filmed at Bojeans boatyard on the Miami River. 3031 NW South River Drive, Miami. This property was also used in  the Pilot of Miami Vice in 1984.

Then we go to where C+T are waiting at the first meet site which Castillo knew in advance would be changed. This was filmed at the Scottish Rite building near Fort Dallas on the Miami River.  NW 3rd St. at NW North River Dr., Miami.


Then we see the Vice Squad arrive at Bojeans where a gun battle takes place and Crockett’s true identity is revealed to Isabella.

Crockett grabs Isabella saving her, and making her escape.  We see them driving northbound on I95  at the Golden Glades passing IVAX at 176th Street.

Then 1 second later we see them southbound on I95 passing over W. Flagler with Neolofts in the background. Neolofts is also seen in the background during Burn Notice episode 28, Lesser Evil.

Then 1 second after that they are headed northbound again on I95 passing Somerville Residences  then Camillus House at NW 5th Street.

Where she starts hitting Sonny.

Then they spin out almost crashing before Sonny stops and ties her up.  Location unknown.

Then we see them driving on a remote road. This was filmed at the far south end of Old State Road 4A on Sugarloaf Key, Fl.  

Where they filmed, the yellow line was removed from the center of the road to give it a more remote look.

Then we cut to Montoya’s place to see he has cleared out.

Then we return to the safe house on Sugarloaf Key.

Then we cut to Jackson Memorial Emergency Care Center again.

Back to the house to see Isabella get on the boat to Cuba.

Then back to the hospital to see Trudy coming around.

Then back to the house to see Crockett having a tough goodbye.

Then we cut back to the hospital where it looks good for Trudy. The movie ends as Crockett arrives back with his people at the hospital.



Red line is where road dead ends and a closed 4x4 trail starts.

Orange arrow is where we first see them driving on the island.

Blue arrow points to safe house.

Green arrows is where they travel over bridge and then turn into yard.

This area was used in the James Bond movie, License To Kill.

Interior of safe house.