Marley and Me

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Wrote a column about toll booths. West end of Rickenbacker Causeway.

Went to diner to celebrate Jenny’s raise. This was filmed at the Bayside Market Place where John bought the pillow.

Went to work

Picked oranges from our tree. This could have been on set or location.

Drove down to Miami..

Rickenbacker Causeway headed west up bridge.

...for bark in the park night. This was filmed at Pro Player, Joe Robbie, Land Shark, Dolphin Stadium....(you Name it) Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Met another of Sebastian’s girlfriends. This was filmed where we met the first one along the south side of the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Went to the hospital, location unknown.

Went to an Easter egg hunt up in Boca. Location unknown.

Came home to find Marley dancing with Jenny. Could be either the set or on location in Hollywood.

Then they return to Crandon Beach park on Key Biscayne and talk about having a baby.

Then John returns to the Sun Sentinel in Ft. Lauderdale.

Then Marley, John and Sebastian have lunch at Monty’s Raw Bar (2550 S. Bayshore Dr.)  in Coconut Grove near the studio. Burn Notice has also used this location.

John returns home to learn that they are in a family way.  Probably filmed on the set.

Then we see John and  Arnie walking eastbound on Las Olas Blvd. away from the Sun Sentinel building. They are on the north side of the road having just past Big City Tavern. This was one of my favorite restaurant/bars in Ft. Lauderdale when it first opened and for about two years before it slipped.

Goof:  It is suppose to be in the 90’s but the Toyota and Mercedes that drive by are current model vehicles.

Then we return home (either set or on location) where Marley eats the necklace.

They recover the necklace. This sure looks like the real backyard but could be the set.

Then we go to the Doctor’s office. Location unknown.

After receiving the bad news they are seen driving home. This was filmed on the MacArthur Causeway headed west toward Miami.

They return home where Marley knows all is not well.  This could be either the set or on location.

Then the dog sitter arrives.  She arrives in one car, then walks away from a completely different car when viewed from inside the house.  Not even the same color.  This looks like it was filmed on location in Hollywood.

They take off from Miami International Airport headed for Ireland.

They arrive in Ireland. According to the Internet Movie Data Base this was filmed on location in Roundstone, County Galway, Ireland.

Marley’s sitter is getting to know Marley. This could have been either on location or on the set.

They arrive home to find Debbie (the sitter) a bit frazzled. There were 11 thunderstorms while they were away. (same number as their room number in the hotel in Ireland). This looks like it was filmed on location.

Luck of the Irish. This appears to have been filmed on the set.

Baby arrives home. Could have been filmed at either location, set or Hollywood.

The time for delivery comes. Either set or on location.

Marley and Patrick bond at home. Either set or on location.

Then we see John and Marley back on Key Biscayne at Crandon Beach Park.

They return home, northbound up N. 17th Ct. The rest of the scene (interior) appears to be the set.

Then they hear a scream from the neighbor who has been stabbed.  This was filmed on location on N. 17th Ct. They cut the part where Marley runs down the perpetrator, too bad, that would have been good.

Then we see John at the Sun Sentinel finding out where it would be safer to live. Boca Raton.

We see John, Marley and Patrick drive down a Cul-de-sac, supposedly in Boca.  However; the phone number on the sign is a Hollywood number. I believe the house he passes is # 5779 and his house is 5744. So far, Location unknown.

They return home to find out that Jennifer is pregnant. This definitely looks like the set.

Then we return to the Sun Sentinel where John ask for a raise. He gets a daily column and doubles his pay.

Next we see Boca Lago Country Club in Boca Raton just west of the Florida Turnpike. They are flying from west to east and cut just before reaching the Florida Turnpike.

We see John walk out of the house and pick up the Times in his driveway.  He reads Sebastian’s front page story. Goof:  If you look at the story you will see in the second column where Columbia is requesting more funds for the war on drugs.  There is a quote from President Clinton. However if you look at the top of the paper the date is April 5, 2001.  Clinton is several months out of office and the President was G. W. Bush.

Things get a little rough in the new home with the new baby. This looks like a set but location unknown.

Then it is back to the Sun Sentinel.

Then back to the house where things are still bad.

Then to a park with Sebastian. Location unknown.

Then back to the house where things get worse.

Then we go to Sebastian’s apartment to drop off Marley for a couple of days.  There we learn that Sebastian is moving to New York to work for a tabloid. According to Sunny who lives in the building, this was filmed on location in the 1800 Club Condominium in Miami. 1800 North Bayshore Dr.

John returns home without Marley and Jennifer has calmed down.

Then we see Jenn leaving the hospital with another newborn baby. This was filmed on location at Memorial Hospital Miramar. 1901 SW 172nd Ave. Miramar, FL.


Then we return home to the “Boca” home.  Location unknown. There we learn he too has been offered a job up north.

Then we cut to the Sun Sentinel where he is having some difficulty.

John takes a vacation, and we see him back at Crandon Beach where he lets Marley off his leash. Fun at first then it becomes, not cool.

Then John returns home to a surprise birthday party.

Then we see a nice view of Ft. Lauderdale looking past downtown toward the ocean.

Then it cuts inside the Sun Sentinel where John says goodbye. 

They are off to Pennsylvania. What was he thinking?

We see the family arrive in Pennsylvania and john go to work at the Philadelphia Inquirer. What was he thinking?

Sadly the rest of the movie was filmed in the north.




Then a little to the northeast we see the Boca West Country Club. View is to the east, still flying west to east.


Brickell Ave at SE 11th Street looking east.

Boca West Country Club.

Boca Lago Country Club.

Then we see aerial views of nice neighborhoods. First we see Parkland Golf and Country Club in north west Broward County just south of the county line in Parkland, FL. The shot is oriented with south being at the top of the screen.

Then we zoom in on the new house.  Location unknown.

Then another shot from above.  Location unknown.

Some very cool Pictures taken by miamijimf inside the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio on 04/10/2008.  Thanks miamijimf from

They check into an Inn. Thanks to Miamijimf from we now know that this was filmed at the historic Miami River Inn. 118 SW South River Drive, Miami.