Original release date:  07/15/1994 USA

I don’t generally consider this to be a Florida movie but there are a few scene at the end of this movie where Florida locations play a significant role.  I am only going to cover the Florida filmed scenes here.

We start approximately 1 hour 28 minutes and 58 seconds into the movie.  We see a helicopter landing with Harry and Helen Tasker. They are being taken to a tropical location. Part way thru the scene Helen passes a sign on the building that reads: Underground cable before digging please call Fla. Keys Electrical Co-op. Thanks to Harold Loeser who found this location, we now know that this was filmed at 16820 Old State Road 4A on Sugarloaf Key. I have been looking into the background/history of this property but have come up with very little.  If you have any information on the business that was here please let me know at

Filming goof: Besides the many incredulous things that occur in the movie like the Uzi that magically fires itself in this scene, we have a lighting truck that is fully exposed when the helicopter flies into the scene at the end.

Next we see the trucks that are carrying the warheads traveling on the Overseas Highway. We see them northbound (really east at this point) from Spanish Harbor Keys to Bahia Honda Key.

It cuts back to the waterside warehouse where the good guys pick up Harry.  Then we cut to the pursuit.  We see them over the Seven Mile Bridge section of the Overseas Highway.  This is the same location that we see used in License To Kill.

Then we see a television display of the terrorist on top of a building. This was filmed in Miami at the Colonial Bank Center, 1200 Brickell Avenue.


Ohio Key

Little Money Key

Missouri Key

Little Duck Key

Now southbound from Knight Key headed toward Pigeon Key.

As seen in License To Kill

Flying toward Pigeon Key, northbound.

Southbound from Pigeon Key

Then we see the Harrier jets land at the north end of 7 mile bridge.  On Knights Key.  The same landing spot used for the Coast Guard helicopter in License to Kill.

1001 Brickell Bay Drive seen in the background. This building is used several times in Miami Vice.

Harry arrives on scene via Harrier and we get a nice shot of Miami from the south.  We also see the Brickell Key Bridge that played a major role in the Miami Vice episode, Smuggler’s Blues.

1221 Brickell Ave., the Greenberg Traurig Building is seen as the back drop.  We have seen this building in Miami Vice (2006) and in Burn Notice, episode 8, Wanted Man.

Looking north.

Former Mutual Of Omaha Building.

Greenberg Traurig

Looking north to downtown.

Landing on Brickell Avenue, southbound lane at SE 13th Street.

The End


Florida scenes.



As seen in License To Kill.

Building where they were tied up

Large warehouse building where bombs were.