Then we head to a collision center to cut the drugs out of the van.  Seeing the phone number on the sign made it immediately clear that we had left Miami-Dade the 305 area code and went north to Broward County.  The 954 area code.  We have returned to Pro Quality Collision.  185 SW 20th Way in Dania, Florida.



Then we see Dangles meet with Biggs, Wayne and Max. Teddy shows up and sees Dangles’ motorcycle and Biggs knows it but says nothing.

Location Unknown.

Then we cut to Bruck Shut’s house.  This was filmed in Miami Beach on N. Bay Road at 45th Street. The trap is set and Dangles falls right into it.

Then we see Biggs on the road and Dangles calls.  Biggs is approaching interstate 95 headed westbound on Stirling Road.

This house suffered significant damage from a fire.  It has since been torn down.  Below is a satellite photo from 04/01/2010 showing the fire damage.

Lot where castle house stood.

Then we see Teddy switch vehicles with his girl.  Location unknown.

Teddy Bruck Shut drives on looking for trouble.  He has shifted to Mid-town Miami.  He is southbound on NE 2nd Avenue.  First we see him passing by just south of NE 35th Street.

Then we cut back to Teddy’s house briefly,where Dangles gets taken for a ride.

Then we cut back to NE 2nd Ave by NE 35th Street where Teddy has pulled over.  Biggs and Wayne realize it is a set up and are able to keep the situation from exploding.

Then we see him further south passing the Van Orsdel Mortuary at 3333 NE 2nd Ave.

Then it cuts, and while he is still southbound he is now just north of where we first saw him.  Approaching and passing NE 35th Street.

They pull over here.

Van Orsdel Mortuary

Teddy leaves and continues southbound on NE 2nd Ave., passing the Van Orsdel Mortuary again.  However this time the camera shows the west side of the Avenue and what is now a Dominos Pizza.

Next we cut to Dangles who is on his last ride.  The first couple of shots are very tight and I have not been able to suss out where they were filmed.

Then we see them westbound on Dade Blvd. passing onto the Venetian Causeway.  We saw this same location used in Miami Vice, episode 31, Bought and Paid For.  Where Crockett chases Arroyo from Gina’s apartment and stops him on the Venetian Causeway.

They continue westbound on the Venetian Causeway crossing over Belle Isle and then Richie shoots Dangle the way Tony shot Alberto the Shadow in Scarface.

Next we cut to Teddy’s house on North Bay Road where Richie tells Teddy that Dangles was taken care of.

Then we go to Biggs’ house where they take a shower.

We then cut to Teddy’s where he orders a hit, Scarface like.

We cut back to Biggs’ place where Wayne and Max arrive, followed by the hit squad.

This is where we started the movie.

Filming goof:  Raquel gets shot as she leaves the coach.  We see one single slug hit her in the chest.  Only when the shooter pumps the shell out of the shotgun it ejects a low brass target shell, probably #9 shot possible 7.5. Which would have peppered her chest not put a single hole in it.

Wayne does not make it.

Filming Goof:  The gun that Biggs had in his left hand changes locations without him touching it during the scene and then disappears. The gun from his right hand disappears when he sits down but reappears at the end of the scene.

Biggs drives Max to the hospital.  This was filmed on the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

Then they arrive at the hospital.  Location unknown.

Then we see Biggs driving at night.  It looks like the Julia Tuttle Causeway but not enough is seen to be certain.

Then we see him jump into his boat at the rear of his house on North Bay Road.

We see him boat by Bayside (Where Crockett kept his boat) and then we see the Hotel Intercontinental in the background.

Then we see Biggs sneak into Teddy’s place from the water. There he gets a 7 million dollar payday and kills Teddy.  

We then see Biggs back in his boat by Bayside.

He passes under the Port of Miami bridge.

Then he watches the “sunrise” from the back of his house.