After racing along the bridge it cuts back to the start of the bridge and they drive down it again.

Mike manages to blow up the bad guys just before Marcus reaches the raised draw bridge.

After we see the news helicopter get the aftermath on film we see the trio go to a liquor store that used to be a gas station. At first glance this appeared to be the famous gas station from the legendary episode of Miami Vice titled, Evan. However; it is not that station, looks similar but not the same station. Location unknown.

Then we cut to Mike’s place on Park Ave. and to Marcus’ place on NW 15th Ave.

Marcus freaks out and heads to his house. He comes up NW 15th Ave, turns onto NW 8th Street and parks on the wrong side of the road.

Mike spots trouble down the street at the motel on the NW corner of NW 15th Ave. and NW 7th Street. He calls for assistance.

Ruiz and Sanchez arrive and take care of the threat from the bad guys while Mike takes Marcus for a swim to cool off.

Then we go to the police station (Dupont Building). Next we go back to Dade Tire to speak with Jojo. This leads us into a stakeout of the chemist’s house. In real life this is Robin Gibbs’ house at 5790 North Bay Road, Miami Beach. Some location web sites have mistakenly reported that Robin’s brother, Barry Gibb’s house was used as the Chemist’s house. Not so, Barry lives two houses to the north (5820 N. Bay Road) with Jennifer Lopez’s house (5800 N. Bay Road) sandwiched between them. However Where our trio is parked for the stakeout is opposite Barry’s house. Barry’s house is however, never seen.

They follow the chemist when he leaves the house. He goes to the Miami River at SW 2nd. Ave. He enters a ship (the Yukalpeten) on holy ground for Miami Vice fans. This scene is nearly identical to the scene near the end of Miami Vice episode 7, No Exit. They follow Tubb’s and Bruce Willis’ character, Tony Amato to this same location. Only in that episode the ship is parked on the opposite bank of the river up against the power station. Stan and Larry in the van stop on the bridge and look down on Tubbs as he is entering the ship. Nearly identical scene played out in the same location 10+ years earlier. In Miami Vice world they could have run to the O.C.B. and gotten backup without a phone call because the HQ was just past where the ship is tied up.

Miami Vice, No Exit  11/09/1984

Fouchet spots them and for some inexplicable reason nothing happens on either side.

It cuts to Marcus’ house where his wife sees him on the news and finds out he is not in Cleveland.

Then it cuts to Mike’s place where they let Julie walk out and into the hands of the bad guys.

The chase is on as they head east on 20th Street toward the ocean.

Then we see them racing across the pedestrian bridge that runs from 24th Street over to Collins Ave. This is where the boat jumped from the canal across the road at the end of the chase in the teaser of Lend Me An Ear, episode 62 of Miami Vice. The bad guys nearly run over a guy on the bridge while driving away from Mike who is on foot chasing them.

They crash through a bus stop and head south on Collins Ave.

Then they jump down to 6th Street where they head west from Collins Ave. to Washington Avenue where they crash in front of 601 Washington Ave.

They run across the street and enter into the Paris Theater, 550 Washington Avenue. This is the filming location used in the Miami Vice episode, Tale of The Goat. Where Legba was laid out in the Voodoo church (theater food counter). They run through the converted theater and out onto its roof. In the background we can see the construction of the beast at the SW corner of Washington Ave. and 5th Street (438 Washington). We also see this construction in the background as the second collision occurs, complete with the police officer holding up traffic to allow for the scene to be filmed uninterrupted.

They run down to the ground on the south side of the Paris Theater.  However when they hit the ground and are seen running down the alley, they are in a different location.  They are in the alley headed east behind (north side) Martha’s Beauty Shop. 409 15th Street, Miami Beach.  

Then they run through Martha’s Beauty Shop. This location took some searching to find, but almost an hour of looking paid off. With the clues of an address of 420 across the street, a unique balcony visible as Mike exits, a unique entrance on the 420 address and the name Hudson I located the Martha’s Beauty Shop. 409 15th Street, Miami Beach.

Then we see them go into the rear of a building. I believe this was the rear of the Anchor Hotel, and the parking lot (now a garage) was the one seen in Nobody lives forever but I will have to do some more research to positively identify it. 16th Street and Collins Ave looking east.

Then we see them run out the front of the Anchor Hotel as seen in Little Miss Dangerous, episode 37 of Miami Vice and the film, Fair Game.

As they steal a taxi and shoot the driver in front of the Anchor Hotel, Marcus who is 10 blocks away outside the Paris Theater hears the shot and comes running. As they start to drive off Marcus catches up and dives on the roof of the taxi.

They head westbound down 16th Street and hit a parked car to dislodge Marcus. Mike arrives in time to keep Marcus from becoming road kill.

The camera pans to see the bad guys getting away in the cab. Only we would not be able to see them in real life because they are more than 14 blocks away. This was shot on Ocean Drive, from the 100 block looking north past Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park.  The Central Park Hotel (blue arrow below) and the distinctive balconies on 260 Ocean Drive (red arrow in the screen capture below) can be seen in the background. The bad guys take a left (westbound) onto 2nd Street and get away.

260 Ocean Dr.

Then we see Marcus and Mike dramatically stand up. Amazingly they have moved east 1 block and are now standing in front of the Tropics Hotel. More Miami Movie magic.

Then we see Mike and Marcus arrive at the police station. The exterior was shot at the Dade County Courthouse and the interior was filmed at the Dupont building.

While there Mike receives a call from the bad guys aboard the ship.

The guys leave the station and we cut to the airport where the deal is going down. This was filmed at the Opa-locka Airport in the blimp hangar at the SE corner of the airfield. This is the same blimp hangar that was used in the Miami Vice episode, Evan.

We see Mike’s 911 speeding along on the same port bridge where earlier we saw them blow up the Camaro with ether and then make the television news. They are actually eastbound away from Opa-locka.

They manage to blow the deal and get the girl.

They chase Fouchet up taxiway T. They are headed Northwest. The control tower seen in the background is the same one we see at the “Nigerian” airport in the pilot of Burn Notice.

Then we see them on a runway. Now they are headed toward the SW corner of the airfield. As they take care of Fouchet we can see a large three painted on the runway with an X thru it. This confirms which runway they were on since only one heads 30 degrees north northeast. They of course had been driving 210 degrees south south west when they passed through the opening in the blast barriers.



Robin Gibb’s house appears as Chemist’s house.

Barry Gibb’s

Stakeout location.