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The chase continues.  Eastbound on SW 3rd Street over the same stretch by SW 2nd Avenue.

Then SW 3rd Street again at South Miami avenue passing the same tree eastbound again.

Then it jumps back west to SW North River Drive. Driving eastbound under the Interstate 95 overpass and past what is today Garcia’s Fish Market.

Then we see them reach the intersection of SW 3rd Street and South Miami Avenue where they both almost have collisions.

They continue straight across the intersection which becomes SE 4th Street.

Same SE 4th Street location looking west, driving east.

They continue eastbound on SE 4th Street by the Convention Center.

Past the Hyatt Regency Miami, made famous in the Miami Vice episode, Hit List or Calderone’s Return. This is where the hit man loses the police after the hit at the Atlantis on Brickell Ave.

Miami Vice: Hit List

They nearly collide again at the intersection of SE 4th Street and US1 where they head southbound across the Miami River.

Then we jump across to the south side of the Miami River to SE 5th Street where we see the chase continue westbound under the South Miami Avenue Bridge.

They continue westbound onto SW 6th Street from the SW 5th Street connector. Now they are in a very well used area for filming of both Miami Vice  and Burn Notice.

Then we get a cut from what appears to be somewhere back over on the north side of the river. Location unknown.

Then it is back to SW 6th Street.

Where Williamson sets a trap for Bucum and the gang at the intersection of SW 6th Street and SW 1st Avenue. This is a popular spot for this tactic as Burn Notice  made the corvette crash into the truck here in episode 38, A Dark Road. Miami Vice played chicken with a Corvette in episode 57, Down For The Count part 2.

The grenade hits a fish truck in the same lot where Sam dumps weapons into the river in Burn Notice episode 5, Family Business.

Burn Notice 38, A Dark Road

Outside the nightclub from Burn Notice, episode 2, Identity.

Then we see Williamson and Ursula arrive at the Port of Miami.  They are directly under the entrance bridge. We have seen this location used before in the movie Bad Boys.

Here they board the motor yacht Artemis to sell the diamonds.

The gang shows up on the old port bridge.

They make their way on board where Pam and Gina take out the two thugs and Reggie finds his Lotto ticket.

Things go down hill from there and Reggie and Bucum end up on Williamson’s go fast boat, which takes off during a fight.

The fight goes inside the cabin. The interior of this boat was the only set built and used in this movie. Filmed on set.

They cruise away from the port bridges and past Bayside.

Thru the bay south past the Rickenbacker Causeway to Virginia Key.

Thru Stiltsville, eastbound down the channel where it clips a prop addition to the north side of the Baldwin, Sessions and Shaw house.  Lucky it was high tide. This house first gained fame when it was used in a national advertising campaign to show the quality of Pittsburgh Paints.

Taken from atop the Key Biscayne lighthouse.

Lucky for Bucum that they hit a sandbar just in time.  

Filming goof: They show an aerial view of the boat approaching a shallow reef which even though submerged could knock out the engines. However; when the crash, they are high and dry on the sand.

In reality they did not crash into a sandbar south of Stiltsville. They have beached themselves on the beach along the south side of the Rickenbacker Causeway. At times Key Biscayne, the coast of Coral Gables and even the Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge can be seen in the background. This is the same beach where we see John and Sebastian windsurfing in the movie, Marley and Me.

Then we cut to Reggie getting out of prison after a two week stay. There must have been some confusion about his gender because he is walking out of the Miami Dade Woman’s Detention Center, 1401 NW 7th Avenue, Miami.  This was seen briefly in the background of the Burn Notice Pilot.

As soon as Reggie is seen walking away from the gate he has magically been transported to the area of Jose Marti Park underneath the I 95 river overpass. This location was made famous in the Miami Vice episode, Little Prince where Mary is thrown to her death.

Reggie’s brief doubts prove unfounded as Bucum, Pam and Gina pull in to pick him up in a Bentley. Gina still has the Loto ticket.

They are rich and the movie ends with the gang in a Cigarette boat out on Biscayne Bay enjoying the good life.




Burn Notice 2, Identity