Ace Ventura

Pet Detective


Release date: February 4, 1994 (USA)

The movie opens with Ace walking northbound on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. He is walking past the Leslie Hotel, 1244 Ocean Drive.

Then it cuts and we see him walking into the Tides Hotel at 1220 Ocean Drive. All though he was walking north he now enters the Tides which is south of the Leslie.

Then we see Ace go up to the third floor, room 311. This appears to have been filmed on location inside The Tides but I have not confirmed this yet.

Mission accomplished, he leaves The Tides and heads south on Ocean Drive. It cuts and we see the Cardoza in the background as he heads south. The Cardoza is located a block north of the Tides at 1300 Ocean Drive. Made famous in the movie, A Hole In The Head.

As is the Carlyle. Where the Miami Vice magic started.

Past the Leslie.

Then the guy in the apartment realizes he has been had.

Then we see Ace walking westbound down 14th Place away from Ocean drive. This is a couple blocks north of where we just saw Ace walking southbound away from this location. This alley was used in episode 26 of Miami Vice, Dutch Oven where Trudy roughs up the old perv.

Then Ace gets to his car but it will not start before he gets attacked. His car was parked facing south on Ocean Court just off of 14th Place. This is where Trudy shot the guy in the teaser of Dutch Oven. Episode 26 of Miami Vice.

They head south down Ocean Court.

Ace’s car


The Tides

The Carlyle


As seen just over 8 years earlier in Miami Vice: Dutch Oven.

Then it cuts and we jump all the way down to Coconut Grove. Ace is driving northbound on South Bayshore Drive passing SW 27th Avenue and the Coconut Grove Convention Center. The Convention Center is now the studio for the show, Burn Notice.

Burn Notice studio.

Then we see him driving along the west side of the studio on SW 27th Ave. Water World and the Seminole boat ramp are seen in the background.

Ace returns the dog to it’s master and Ace gets his reward. Location unknown.

Then we cut to the Miami Orange Bowl in the Little Havana section of Miami. The famous Orange Bowl was used in Smokey and The Bandit 2 as well as in Miami Vice, episode 83, Indian Wars.

Then we see Ace arrive home. This was filmed on Washington Avenue at Espanola Way. Miami Vice made this area famous as it filmed here for numerous episodes. Ace pulls off of Espanola Way from the east and turns north on Washington Avenue passing the Cameo Theater and stopping in front of Surfside Apartments. In reality this is Campton Apartments, 1455 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.

The interior scene appears to have been filmed on location inside apartment 2A, but I have not confirmed this yet. They may have built a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut to the Miami Dolphins executive offices. Filming location unknown.

Then we see Ace hard at work on a roof top. He is on the roof of the Delores Hotel, 1420 Collins Avenue. The Clay Hotel can bee seen in the background.

Then we see Ace arriving at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Then we go inside. From the view out the window it is clear that they are in a high rise building. Location unknown.

They watch a video of snowflake that was filmed at the Miami Orange Bowl.

Then we see Ace investigate the crime scene. This was filmed at the Orange Bowl in Little Havana.

Then we see Ace arriving at the police station. Douglas Road at  SW 8th Street. We have seen this used now in Burn Notice. Episode 10, False Flag where Michael saves Lucy.

As seen in Burn Notice:

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The interior hallway was filmed on location where Ace talks to Satan, or his landlord. Thanks to Crockettt at for this information and pictures.