Ace Ventura

Pet Detective

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Ace plows thru the police on NE 16th Ave by NE 122nd Street.

Ace continues south along Stage A.

Then it cuts and they are at a completely different location. Location unknown.

It cuts again and they are on another stretch of road. Location unknown.

Then Ace loses control and crashes. This was filmed at David T.  Kennedy Park at the intersection of Kirk Street with S. Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove.

Then we cut to the police station. Location unknown.

Next we see Ace arrive at Melissa’s. Location unknown.

Then we go to Shady Acres to continue the investigation. The exterior  was filmed at the Spanish Monastery, 16711 West Dixie Highway. We saw this used in the Miami Vice episode 55, Forgive Us Our Debts.

Then we go inside. Location unknown.

Then we go to the police station. SW 8th Street at Douglas Road.

The interior is set up to be inside this building but I have not gone there yet to confirm this.

Then we cut to Ace’s apartment. This may have been a set at the studio or filmed on location at Campton Apartments.

After figuring out that Finkel is Einhorn we see Ace outside Einhorn’s house. Location unknown.

Then we see Einhorn followed by Ace arrive at the Marina where she is holding Dan and Snowflake. She pulls up to Merrill Stevens Boatyard on the south bank of the Miami River.

Intercut we see the police leave the station. SW 8th Street at Douglas Road.

Followed by Melissa leaving Joe Robbie Stadium.

Ace with a little help from Dan comes thru and solves the case.

Then we see a caravan headed to the stadium, northbound on the Florida Turnpike.

Then we see them inside Joe Robbie, filmed on location.

The movie ends inside Joe Robbie.

Then back to the Spanish Monastery

The interior scenes appear to have been filmed inside Merrill Stevens but across the river on the north bank. I will have to go inside there to suss out the exact spots.