2 Fast 2 Furious

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Then we see them pull into the west side entrance (NW 5th Ave.) to 318 NW 23rd Street. Earlier we saw them scouting this location.

They pull inside the warehouse where things are all set up to aid their escape. We saw Sam Axe make use of this same warehouse for a reverse interrogation in the Burn Notice episode, Question and Answer.

As seen in Burn Notice.

They scramble and Brian and Roman head east off the property over NW 22nd Lane to NW 2nd Avenue.

We see the group scramble across NW 2nd Avenue.

We then see the two Mitsubishis come off of NW 23rd Street and head north on NW 2nd Avenue.

We see the helicopter first over south beach where we saw it earlier (well away from the action) then over the Rohde Building at 401 NW 2nd Ave.

Then we see them northbound on Washington Avenue past # 65.

Then we see them still northbound but south of where they just were. They are now at the south end of Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant, 11 Washington Avenue. We have seen Joe’s used in Burn Notice. In episodes: 21 Good Soldier, 23 Hot Spot, and 59 Brotherly Love.

Then we see them northbound past Zorba’s from Burn Notice episode 64, Bloodlines. 1st Street at Washington Avenue.

Then southbound on Washington Avenue passing 2nd Street.

Now that the driving is on south Beach they have the film of the helicopter over NW 3rd Avenue over the warehouse where Brian pulled his trick.


Then we see them driving where we first saw them on South Beach. Northbound past 65 Washington Avenue.


warehouse and helicopter

Then southbound past 1st Street on Washington Avenue. We see the same corner in Burn Notice episode 25, Bad Breaks where Fiona steals the tip jar as a distraction.

Then northbound again on Washington Avenue, through the 200 block.

Then we see them southbound on Washington Avenue at the very south end of the Avenue where they turn east on Inlet Blvd.

Goof: Extra police cars and spectators watching the filming are clearly seen on the right side of the screen.

They continue east as far as they can go before stopping in South Pointe Park.

“Where are they.” They are back by the warehouse headed southbound on Interstate 95. The view is looking west down NW 27th Street.

Then it cuts and we jump about 104 miles to the southwest. We see them northbound on the overseas highway with Bahia Honda seen in the background.

Then we see them southbound over the same section.

Then northbound (east) on the Overseas Highway leaving little torch Key headed toward Big Pine Key and Bahia Honda.

Then we see them on the Overseas highway again but I have not placed the exact location. They radio over a super strong walkie talkie a hundred plus mile to the northeast to South Pointe Park in South Miami Beach.

Then we see Brian go from southbound (west) on the Overseas Highway to northbound on Middle Torch Road.

Brian heads northbound on Middle Torch Road and communicates with Roman who is northbound on the Overseas Highway on the bridge between Little Torch Key and Big Pine Key.

Then we see the cops on the roof of the Miami Herald Building.

Artie Lawsons apartment building from Heart of Darkness.

Then we see Customs at the remote air strip. This was filmed at the Dade Collier Training and Transit Center.

Then we cut to Roman who is southbound on Big Torch Key Road toward Osprey Lane.

It cuts and they are still on Big Torch Key Road but back to the south and east. They are eastbound between Big Torch Key and Middle Torch Key.

Then back to Big Torch Key (northbound) where Roberto makes a quick exit.

Then Roman radios to Brian who is now also on Big Torch Key Road.

Then it cuts back to the airstrip where the Customs Officers realize that they have been had.

Then we see Brian’s plan change as he speeds northbound on Big Torch Key Road.

Then we see Roman arrive on Pigeon Key.

Then we see Brian arrive at the boat. This was filmed at the famous and often used Jimbo’s on Virginia Key.

Then we see then driving down a rural road. Location unknown. They make it appear that they are running along side the boat but they are not.

Then it cuts and we see them driving on the walking path at the far south end of Key Biscayne. In Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

Here they make use of a jump ramp and land on the boat. At a couple points we can see the light house in the background.

Then we return to Jimbo’s where the movie ends.

Bad Breaks

Reverse view





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