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Then we cut back to Mary’s, filmed on set.

We see Healy outside N. Bayshore Dr. staging a phone conversation with Sully who is at his apartment at 1600 SW 1st Ave.

Then we go to a beach football game. This was filmed at Matheson Hammock County Park.

Then we cut to Mary’s work exterior at the rear of 701 Brickell Avenue. Thanks to Mark from Dublin, Ireland for the four re-creation photos seen below right.

Then we return to Mary’s house where Healy is again listening in from outside on North Bayshore drive. Mary is inside on a set at Greenwich studios.

Then we go to Ted’s hotel, the Cardozo Hotel. 1300 Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. This has been seen in Miami Vice, Burn Notice, Marley and Me but best known for it’s major role in the movie, A Hole In The Head.

Then we go inside this may have been filmed on location or on a set, location unsure.

Then we see Tucker is really pizza delivery guy, Norman Phipps and Healy catches up with him. Location unknown.

Then we return to the Cardozo where Mary picks up Ted for their date.

Then we see them start their date at a bar. Location unknown.

Then we cut to Norman and Healy going out to a dive bar. Location unknown.

Then we cut to Docky’s at Aqua Golf in Hallandale for Mary and Ted’s date to continue. This is the same place where we have seen her driving golf balls.

Then we return to North Bayshore Drive outside Mary’s place where they smoke a joint.

Then we go inside, a set at the studio.

Next we go to the exterior of a store. Location unknown.

Then we see them arrive back at Mary’s on North Bayshore Drive.

Then we see them at a batting cage. This was filmed at Malibu Grand Prix out past the airport, 7775 NW 7th Street, Miami.

Then we see them at the Costume shop. The street number is 875 but so far the location is unknown.

Then it is off to the races. For this we return to Malibu Grand Prix at 7775 NW 7th Street.

Then we return to Matheson Hammock County Park where Ted gets hooked.

Then we return to Mary’s (set) where things take a turn for the worse.

Then we see him exit Mary’s. This was filmed on location at 2066 North Bayshore Drive.

Then we cut to “229 Court Street”, Sully’s place located at 1600 SW 1st Ave.

Then back to Mary’s, filmed on set.

Healy and Norm are outside on North Bayshore Drive.

Then we go back inside (set) where things really take a turn.

Ted walks out onto N Bayshore Drive and walks south with Biscayne Bay in the background.

Then Mary comes out and things are made right. A happy ending.




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