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While inside, May has a flashback to her childhood. This was likely filmed on set at Greenwich Studios. Location unknown.

Then it cuts to nighttime and we are at the Fairwind, filmed on location at 1000 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

Quick is watching from across the Avenue, in front of the Essex House.

We see Bucum drive by here in the movie, All About The Benjamins.

Then we return to May’s place where she is dropped off in the drive that is along NW 8th Street Road.

Quick calls her from what is basically her backyard. The Seybold canal behind her house.

Then we go to a nightclub. This was likely filmed on set at Greenwich Studios but I have not confirmed this yet. Location unsure.

Then we cut to Joe Leon’s home. This was filmed at 40 Star Island. We have seen this same residence used in the movie Bad Boys.

Then we see Quick arriving back at his place. He enters through the door on the north east side of the SW 2nd Avenue draw bridge. On the opposite bank of the river from where his warehouse home is, despite there being no real life connection under the river.

Then we see Quick’s groceries being delivered. They are being delivered on the south shore of the river opposite where we saw Quick enter.

We then get a nice shot of Quick’s place looking toward downtown. They put some effort into building this set on the grounds of Gold Coast Shipping which of course was the exterior of the OCB throughout the entire Miami Vice Series (except the Pilot).

Then we cut to Joe Leon’s again, only this time he has moved to 46 Star Island. 46 lays outside the normal ordered numbering system. It is between 21 and 22 Star Island at the north tip of the island. We see this residence used in the Miami Vice episode, Free Verse.

Then we go inside, based primarily on the window style I believe that this was filmed on location back at 40 Star Island but I have not confirmed this yet.

Then we see Trent arriving at the Miami Beach Police Department Bomb Squad. In reality he is arriving southbound on Ocean Drive through the 1200 block.

We see him pull over and stop in front of the Tides Hotel, 1220 Ocean Drive. Here we see it being used as the Police Department. We have seen the Tides used in the movies, Ace Ventura Pet Detective and Bad Boys. It has also been seen in the Miami Vice episode Nobody Lives Forever as well as in the Burn Notice episodes; Wanted Man, Bad Blood, and Blind Spot.

Then he goes inside.

Then we cut to May’s new pad. Filmed on location at  490 West Matheson Drive, Key Biscayne. This probably will look familiar as it has been used in Miami Vice; Calderone’s Demise, The Great McCarthy, Golden Triangle 2, Yankee Dollar, Back In The World and as the interior of Frank Lopez’s home in the 1983 movie, Scarface.

We see the helicopter land on the same heli-pad that was used in the Miami Vice episode, Back In The World where it was the deck of a U.S. Navy Ship off the coast of Vietnam. The U.S. taxpayer paid for this pad as it was built for President Nixon when this property (not the same house) was used as his winter white house. This house is sometimes referred to as the Ortega House as that was the owner during the numerous times Miami Vice filmed there.

While there May has another flashback that was likely filmed at Greenwich Studios. Location unsure.

May sits down near where Al Pacino sat and watched Michelle Pfeiffer come down in the elevator. Here we see two of Tomas Leon’s guys go up in the elevator which does not have the same dramatic effect. Not even as dramatic as the entrance Lt. Castillo makes in Golden Triangle.

Then we see an aerial view of Downtown Miami and the Bank of America Tower.

Then we see Quick walking through a parking garage. Location unknown.

Then we cut to a party house. This was filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

I believe the shot from above of the elevator going down is stock footage and very likely from a Los Angeles location.

After stepping out of the fake elevator (studio set) the film cuts and we instantly are on location in a real parking garage. Looks like Brickell but I have not tracked this location down yet. Location unknown.

Then we return to Key Biscayne, to May’s new home. Filmed on location at the Ortega House, 490 West Matheson Drive, Key Biscayne.

Then we return to Quick’s place, filmed on set at the Gold Coast Shipping property, 615 SW 2nd Avenue.

Next, we head to the pool for some relaxing. This was filmed on location at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. Both Miami Vice and Burn Notice have used the Biltmore hotel as did the movie Bad Boys.

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The new bridge

View of background from new bridge

View from where Quick entered the bridge. Looking south across water to where his warehouse home was located. now a condo building has been constructed on the site.

Bridge has been replaced with a new, larger bridge.

The exact view is no longer available due to the construction of condos.

From new bridge at the start of construction

As seen in Scarface

25 44’ 26.56” N  80 16’ 43.91” W

25 46’ 50.53” N  80 07’ 53.89” W

25 46’ 31.82” N  80 08’ 56.26” W

25 46’ 09.22” N  80 11’ 50.50” W

25 46’ 06.49” N

80 11’ 50.41” W

25 46’ 49.65” N   80 09’ 03.67” W

25 41’ 30.67” N  

80 10’ 27.44” W