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Next we go back to Smilin’ Jack’s. Filmed on location at the Jimbo’s  compound on Virginia Key.

Then we see Duquette investigating out at Stoner Beach where he finds Suzie’s teeth. Filmed on location at Virginia Key Beach. The bridge to Key Biscayne can be seen in the background at points.

Then we see Sam talking to Kelly via the telephone. He is on set inside Greenwich Studios.

Kelly is filmed at 40 Star Island.

Gloria is watching from across Arthur Lamb Jr. Road at Smilin’ Jack’s.

Sam invites Gloria into his room at the Glades Motel. Filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we cut to Duquette watching outside 40 Star Island. He speaks via the telephone with Gloria who is still at Sam’s (Greenwich Studios set).

Duquette enters the Van Ryan’s estate and kills Kelly. Filmed on location at 40 Star Island.

Then we return to the police station. Filming location unknown.

Then we see Duquette in his hearing. Clearly a set. Filmed at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see Sam and Ray meet up in the islands. Filming location unknown but looks like Key Biscayne.

Then we see them sailing out in the sea. In reality this was filmed in Biscayne Bay just off of Key Biscayne. Stiltsville (made famous in the Miami Vice episode, Out Where The Buses Don’t Run) can be seen in the background at times.

Then we cut back to Gloria at Smilin’ Jack’s. Filmed on location at the Jimbo’s compound.

Then back to the Helios, filmed on Biscayne Bay off of Key Biscayne.

Then back to the area of Smilin’ Jack’s, filmed at the Jimbo’s compound on Virginia Key.

Then we see an establishing shot. Filming location unknown.

Then back to Biscayne Bay.

Where the movie ends…almost.

After the end of the movie we see Kelly walk into Smilin’ Jack’s on the day her father killed himself. Filmed on location on Virginia Key.

Then Suzie approaching Sam in his office. Filmed on location at Ransom Everglades School.

Then we see the Glades Motel, Smilin’ Jack’s, and Suzie’s. All Filmed on location around Jimbo’s.

Virginia Key Beach

40 Star Island.