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Then we go to the stash house stated to be on Second and Overtown.  The address on building next door is 173, and there is an elevated train across the street.  Both of these clues helped me find this location.  This was filmed on NW 11th Street near NW 2nd Ave in Overtown.

Next we see Crockett and Tubbs meet with Yero at his house.  This was filmed at a house at the very end of South Mashta Drive on Key Biscayne.  The land across the small canal is part if Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.  In a couple of cuts you can see houses in Stiltsville.

Then we see Crockett and Isabella head to cuba, Bodeguita Del Medio.  It is reported that the Cuba scenes were shot in Uruguay.

We see Crockett and Isabella dancing and drinking Mojitos.  This was filmed on the waterfront of Monteviendo, Uruguay at Ramirez Beach.

Then the scene cuts to the southern point of Atlantida, Uruguay as they continue their date.

Then we see Isabella and Crockett at a bar getting in deeper.  Location unknown.

They go back to Isabella’s childhood home.  They are seen taking a romantic shower.  This seen is reported to have been filmed across the street in a set house built on the beach between the Rex Hotel and Mermaid Island.  It was torn down shortly after filming.

Then we see Crockett boating back to Miami.

He arrives at a nice house on the water.  Matt5 from let me know that this was filmed at 6381 N. Bay Road, Miami Beach.  I will have to go there to see if the other safe house scenes were also filmed there.  It looks likely that they were.

Then Crockett, Tubbs, Castillo and Fujima meet at the wharf.  This was filmed on Dodge Island, Miami.

Then we go to Montota’s house by a dramatic waterfall.  The waterfall is Iguacu Falls, Parana, Brazil.  The house is in Coral Gables and was put in place via computer.  I have not yet tracked down the house’s exact address.

Next we see Isabella meet Crocket in Colombia.  This was filmed in Carrasco Uruguay at the Carrasco airport.

Next we go to a nightclub. Here Crockett and Isabella’s deep involvement is clear to everyone and no one is happy about it. This is reported to have been filmed at the W. Lounge in Atlantida, Uruguay.  Their web site says Collin Farrell partied their but  it makes no mention of this movie being filmed there.

Live now. Life is short. Time is luck.

This was filmed along the shore of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Then we see Tubbs on a ship where he calls Fujima.  We see Fujima’s office.  Location unknown.  Tubb’s is north of the Dominican Republic.

Then we see them out on the open ocean.  The earlier shots were filmed north of the Dominican Republic while these shots were filmed off Miami.

Then it cuts back to the vice house where we see Trudy get taken.  This was most likely filmed at 6381 N. Bay Road, Miami Beach. I need to go there in person to confirm this 100%.

Then we see them unloading the drugs at night into smaller boats.  This was filmed near stiltsville off Key Biscayne, Fl.

Then we cut to where they are holding Trudy in a trailer.  This was filmed in Liberty City, at NW 79th St. And NW 19th Ave.

Then it cuts back to the ship.  Here they get into go fast boats and we see them passing Dodge Island at night.  We also see Castillo in a helicopter flying over Miami.  Then we see the boats stop under the Port Blvd. Bridge.  The railroad bridge is in the open/up position at the left side of the screen.

Then we see Isabella coming out of a bank.  This is suppose to be Geneva but it was filmed in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Then we see the vice squad approach the trailer.

We first see Crockett here.

Then here, running by the laundry.

Gina approaches the trailer.

As Tubbs does along side her.

Crockett takes out the perimeter guard.

They pull off the rescue, almost.  Yero detonates the trailer remotely.  Trudy is hurt and they rush her to the hospital.  The hospital scenes were filmed at Jackson Memorial in Miami.

Then we see Montoya confront Yero.  Location unknown.

Then we see crockett outside the hospital.

This is the same location we see Michael Westen drop his mother off to see the doctor in the pilot of Burn Notice.  He stops right behind where the police car is here.

Then we see Isabella confront Yero.  Location unknown.

Then we see the vice crew preparing for the meet.  This was filmed at Opa Locka airport.

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                  Miami Vice 2006.

This small island with the observation blind helped me to find this location.

Atlantida is much prouder of the filming of the movie in their location than Miami seems to be as they have put up this marker.


   Green arrow points to Isabella’s home

   Red arrow points to the REX Hotel

   Blue arrow points to Mermaid Island.


Green = Gina

Red = Tubbs

Then we see them load the shipment.  This was filmed in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.  It was filmed on the Ozama river near Barrio Ambar.

Red arrow points to where their ship was docked.

White arrow points to Gray crane seen behind Crockett.

Blue arrow points to the large buildings with silos seen in the distant background.