Marley And Me

Original release date (U.S.A.) 12/25/2008


The film starts off with Marley being Marley running through a pretty field.  This was most likely filmed in West Chester, Pa.  It was clearly not filmed in Florida.  Exact location unknown.  If you recognize this or any other unknown locations please let me know at

Then we see their wedding day where their car breaks down in a snowstorm. Thanks to Cherie DeSalvatore Ferrantello of Downington, PA. we now know that this was filmed in the 200 block of West Gay Street in West Chester, PA. They are walking westbound away from North Darlington Street. Thanks Cherie.

Then we cut to the opening credits and filming in Florida. It starts with a flyover of Hollywood Beach, Fl.  Flying and looking south. At the far right of the screen we see the parking garage that Burn Notice used to film the beginning of episode 26, Truth and Reconciliation.

The shot continues down the beach and we see another Burn Notice location, the Diane Motel where Michael Westen stayed before he obtained his loft.  There were several other Burn Notice locations on this stretch but those stand out the most from the air.

Then we see an aerial view of a golf course community. This is St. Andrews Country Club in western Boca Raton, FL. They are flying from east to west over Melrose Castle Lane.

Houses possibly in the same area.  Location unknown.

Then we see the Breakers in Palm Beach.

Then back to Hollywood Beach at the end of Johnson Street.

Then an unknown location.

Then we cut down to Miami Beach where we fly over The Seacoast and The Alexander Hotel (of Miami Vice fame).  5100 block of Collins Ave.

The Alexander

The Seacoast

Then we see the Hallouver Cut between Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles Beach.

Here we get an aerial view of Hallouver park where Michael and Fiona set up Perry Clark, Michael’s contact at the C.S.S. in episode 9 of Burn Notice.  Hard Bargain.

As seen in Burn Notice

As seen in the Burn Notice Pilot.

As it appeared in Burn Notice a little over a year earlier.

Then we are above the Royal Park Bridge in West Palm Beach looking southwest.

Then we see John and Jennifer Grogan pull up to 1401 Brickell Avenue in the heart of Miami.

John interviews for, and gets the job. This was not filmed in Miami but up in Ft. Lauderdale at the Sun Sentinel building located at 200 East Las Olas Blvd.  

Jennifer waits outside 1401 Brickell.  This shot is looking north.

Then we see them arrive at their first home in Florida. This was a pretty easy house to find. It is located at  1015 N 17 Ct. in Hollywood, Fl.

Then we go inside. Some of the interior shots were filmed on location while others were filmed on a set inside the Coconut Grove Convention Center alongside the Burn Notice sets. I have not yet determined where every interior scene was filmed but all interior shots were filmed at one or the other location.  All the on location filming at this house took place during 7 days of filming in March of 2008. This first interior shot looks like it was done on a set. I write that because the lighting coming thru the different windows is at different angles and just looks fake. Florida is the sunshine state but it still only has one sun.  

They did about 100,000 USD in changes to the house for filming. They painted the roof, the exterior of the house, and interior. Changed the windows and door so Marley could bust through it.  Took out the existing furniture and brought in their own, and added fruit trees along with an irrigation system and a deck in the back of the house.

Before filming

Ready for/after filming.

The set house at the CGCC lacked a roof/ceilings to aid in filming.

Then we see John going to the office where he decides to get a dog to postpone a family.  This was filmed on location at the Sun Sentinel according to the Internet Movie Data Base. 200 East Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale.

Goof: During this scene John takes his green purse off, turns to talk to the boss and magically it reappears on his shoulder. A few seconds later he takes the purse off a second time.

Then we see them at the breeders house where they pick the clearance puppy.  Location unknown.

Goof:  The puppies they use for this scene are clearly old enough to be adopted.  Based on their size they look to be about 3 months old.

Then we see John dropping Jennifer off at the airport. This was filmed at terminal G of Miami International Airport. There are two goofs in the establishing shot: 1)  The scene is suppose to be set in the early 1990’s yet we see an American Airlines Boeing 737-800 fly by. American Airlines did not use the 737-800 until 1999.  2)  The sign states Airtran. Airtran was called Valujet until 1998.

We see a third goof at the airport as Jennifer heads into the terminal. There is a Nissan Murano in the background. They were not made until 2004.

Goof: Somebody can’t spell. Dicounted?

Then we see John driving home an thinking of names for the dog.  Not enough is seen to be able to sus out the location until we see him on his own street (N. 17 Ct. in Hollywood) driving northbound.  Most of driving scene, Location unknown.

Goof:  At the airport when he drops off Jennifer he is clearly in a Toyota Tercel.  Driving home he is clearly driving a Honda. I like this movie but it has more mistakes than any other movie I can remember.

Second goof in same driving scene:  the entire ride home Marley is w/o a collar. When they get out of the car, a collar magically appears.

As he arrives home it is clear something has happened. There has been another robbery.

Then we go inside. This time I think it was filmed on location but that is more of an educated guess than 100% fact.

In the morning John leaves Marley in the garage as he heads for the airport. This was filmed on location in Hollywood but the rain definitely looks fake.

When he arrives at Miami International Airport (filmed on location) to pick up Jennifer the rain looks even less real. Goof:  the people in the background are standing in the sun, not being rained on and Jennifer is not getting wet. Only the car is getting wet.

John brings Jennifer home to find that Marley has torn up the garage. She is alright with the destruction because Marley is so cute.

Then we cut to Hollywood Beach where John is meeting with his friend, Sebastian at Nick’s Bar. Burn Notice fans will remember this as the place where the cops were when Michael paid two kids to falsely report that Michael’s FBI tail had tried to molest them. This allowed Michael to lose his F.B.I. tail in the Pilot. Next door, seen in the background is Sahara Greek Food.  This was used at the end of episode 4 of Burn Notice, Old Friends. This is where Michael poisons his adversary.

Marley decides to chase birds on Hollywood Beach across from Nick’s Bar.

Then we see John, Sebastian and the two beach girls running up the beach after Marley. This however was not filmed at Hollywood Beach.  Through movie magic they all of a sudden are on Key Biscayne running along the east shore through Crandon Beach Park.

Then we return home to Hollywood where Marley crashes through the door.  This was filmed in Hollywood, not on the set.

Then we see an older Marley pulling Jennifer along on a run. This was filmed behind the Coconut Grove convention Center Studio.

Then we see John get a promotion. This was filmed inside the Sun Sentinel in Ft. Lauderdale.

Then we return home.  I am pretty sure this was filmed on the set at the Coconut Grove Convention Center.

Then we take a training class on the banks of the Miami River. This was filmed at Jose Marti Park under the interstate 95 overpass.  This is holy ground for Miami Vice fans as several episodes filmed here.  Now Burn Notice has also used the park several times.

Then they return home where Jennifer comes to a painful decision. Painful for Marley that is. I am not sure if this was filmed on location or on set.  

Then we see them driving to the Vet. This scene starts on the Las Olas drawbridge over the Intra Coastal Watetrway (ICW).  Going the opposite direction but exactly where Tubbs stops his car in the Miami Vice episode, Whatever Works. The small marina we see here below the bridge was also used in that same episode.

From episode 24 of Miami Vice

Whatever Works

They continue westbound on Las Olas Blvd.

Then eastbound by Isle of Venice Dr.  A pink apartment building at the start of Hendrick’s Isle Drive can be seen in the background at the far right of the screen.

Then westbound past Royal Palm Dr.

Red arrow points to where they were running

Pink arrows bracket area of buildings seen in background


The Mutiny

2951 S. Bayshore Drive

Yacht Harbour

Grove Towers

 2843 South Bayshore Drive

Marley and Jennifer

Dinner Key Marina building seen in background.

Grove Towers

Yacht Harbour


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