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Then westbound

Then eastbound with the Cadillac Villa Apartments (2 Isle Of Venice Dr.) visible in the background.

They continue eastbound on Las Olas Blvd. passing Fiesta Way as they start to let Marley get some air.

Then westbound back past Isle of Venice Dr. as Marley heads out. The yellow house we see in the background was used in the movie Fair Game (1995). This was Kate McQuean’s (Cindy Crawford) house that they blew up trying to kill her.

Westbound on Las Olas between Isle Of Venice Drive and Hendricks Isle Dr.

Still westbound on Las Olas Blvd. passing Royal Plaza Dr. The filming was done from the Nurmi Drive bridge.

Then westbound by NE 23rd Ave. as Marley makes a break for it.  Goof:  somehow the window went from 2/3 rolled up to all the way rolled down, instantly.

Then way back at the east end headed east by 2300 Las Olas and Sunset Dr.

Still eastbound back toward the drawbridge. The Bank Of America   building (pointed top) can be seen in the background.

Then westbound past Isle of Venice Drive.

Finally they stop by where the gun fight was filmed in Fair Game just west of Isle Of Venice Dr. Here they bring Marley back under control.

Then we see John at work.  Filmed on location at the Sun Sentinel, also on Las Olas Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale.  Arnie Klein’s office is on the southwest corner of the Sun Sentinel building.  Looking past him out the window we are looking SW across N New River Dr. E. at the Las Olas River House. At 42 stories, the Las Olas River House is currently the tallest building in Ft. Lauderdale but more than likely, that will soon change.

The column is a success. Next we see Marley taking John for a walk near their house (southbound). The motel sign sure helped to make the house an easy find.

Then we enter into something of a montage.  First we see them in the Everglades.  Then a shot at Gator Park. The Everglades boat ride was more than likely shot at Gator park but I have not had confirmation of that yet.

Planted citrus tree in the backyard. I am not sure if this was filmed on location or on the set.

Then we see Marley steal a frisbee in a bayside park. This was filmed in Alice wainwright Park located at 2845 Brickell Ave. The Rickenbacker Causeway to Virgina Key can be seen in the background. Fans of the Porky’s movies will recognize this park as the location of the famous graduation scene.

Then we see John buy a frisbee.  Location unknown.

Then we see John back at work.

Next we see John windsurfing with Sebastian. This was filmed on Virginia Key along the south side of the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Then we meet another of Sebastian’s girlfriends. This was filmed at the Grove Key Marina right next to the studio in Coconut Grove. A favorite location for Burn Notice.

Watched models posing in the water. This was filmed in Crandon Beach Park along the north side of the Rickenbacker Causeway. Both Miami Vice and Burn Notice have used this location. Miami Vice used it in the episode, Viking Bikers From Hell and Burn Notice used it in episode 6, Unpaid Debts.

Writes a column.  Filmed at 736 Ocean Drive on South Miami Beach in front of the Colony Hotel.

Interviewed Emilio and Gloria Estefan at the Cardozo Hotel. Seen in both Miami Vice and Burn Notice but probably best known for it’s roll in, A Hole In The Head with Frank Sinatra.

Went shopping at the mall. Well not really a mall. This was filmed at the Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami.  401 Biscayne Blvd. Most famous for it’s marina where Crockett kept his boat for a good part of the series. Burn Notice also used the store area in several episodes.

Bought a pillow, slept like a baby, Marley eats pillow, vomits, john cleans it up and helps make dinner. I am not sure but probably all filmed on the set.


Approximate area of windsurfing

Rooftops seen in background as Sebastian was windsurfing.

As seen in episode 6 of Burn Notice.  Unpaid Debts.

Marley takes off from Rosie’s Gourmet Italian Ices (1090 N. Federal Highway, Hollywood, Fl.) and runs “15 blocks”.

Then we see Jack’s Diner located across the street (N. Federal Highway/US1) from Rosie’s.

Marley’s free run is allot longer than 15 blocks.  No wonder we see John needing a ride. We have jumped from Hollywood, up in Broward County all the way down to the Flanigan’s on Bird Avenue (2721) in Coconut Grove.

Then ends just east of Flanigan’s with a BP gas station in the background.

We return to work and then home. Then we see John buying flowers on South Miami Ave. underneath the I 95 entrance ramp from the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Rescued the mailman from Marley at the house. Rescued the UPS guy from Marley. Took the parents out to dinner.  They are seen driving northbound on Washington Ave. in the 1300 block past the Post Office from El Viejo. Then Waldorf Towers, Ocean Drive and 9th St. The actual restaurant where they eat is unknown.

They fight at home. This looks like the set. Then drove the parents to airport.  Not enough is seen to suss out where this was filmed.  Location unknown.

Watched a hurricane arrive. Filmed inside the Sun Sentinel office in Ft. Lauderdale.

Sat in the dark for three days. Either at the house or on the set. Then we see a store being looted.  Location unknown.

Wrote a column about volunteers.  Location unknown.

Wrote a column about air conditioning. Probably filmed on the set.

Went to the beach. Not enough is seen to say for sure where this was filmed but most likely at Crandon Beach Park on Key Biscayne.

Went to Jennifer’s sister’s home in Orlando for Christmas.  Location unknown.

Went to Disney World in Orlando.

Marley eats chair.  Location unknown.

Had a flat while driving home. Filmed in Miami on the Rickenbacker Causeway (westbound). Near where they filmed the models in the water. At the west end of the bridge.

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Marley’s house

Jack’s Diner

House with large arched window seen in the background.