Original release date:  02/27/2002

It was about 6 years after this film was released when I was talking to a guy that I had just met.  The conversation had quickly turned to one of my favorite subjects, movies and television shows filmed in and around Miami.  He told me that he had written and directed such a movie.  Shottas.  I had not heard of it but expressed an interest because after all it was filmed at least in part in South Florida.  This man was Cess Silvera, and the next day I was surprised to see him return with a copy of his movie and present it to me.  I took it home and watched it that night.  I was surprised that a movie I had not heard of at that time turned out to be so good, and with so many Miami area locations.  In my opinion this is a top notch, enjoyable movie, that I refer to as the modern day Scarface or Scarface 3.  Thanks Cess.

The teaser starts us off with scenes that come from near the end of the movie.  We are in Miami Beach in a luxury home where a home invasion/hit is taking place.  This was filmed at 4350 N. Bay Road.

Then as the credits role we cut to Jamaica, as we fly over from Riverton City to Waterhouse in Kingston Jamaica.  The movie time line starts us off in Waterhouse, in 1978.  Throughout this section of the movie that is suppose to be in the late 70’s we see numerous anachronisms.  They don’t take away from the movie but they are fun to catch.  Clothing and sneakers that did not exist then.  Truck registrations and inspection stickers from later years such as the 2000 sticker on the windshield of the beverage truck.  These all occur in the Jamaica section of the film so I won’t get to deep into them nor will I get too detailed in the Jamaica locations (it is after all, a Florida locations web site) but I will give them some basic, quick mention.

Some of the anachronisms.

Wayne’s house is on Stillwell Road in the Stoney Hill area over looking Constant Spring.

Approximately 39 minutes into the movie we land in Miami.

We fly over the MacArthur Causeway and then downtown past the Bank Of America Tower.

Then we see Max, Biggs and Wayne arrive in the Miami Ghetto.  This was filmed In Opa Locka just off of York Street.

This leads us to June’s Restaurant where Teddy Bruck Shut hangs out with his gang. This was filmed on location at 18400 NW 2nd Ave. in North Miami.

Next we see them go into action. Not enough is seen to say where this was filmed.

Biggs gets busted.  Location unknown. This may have been filmed at the Oakwood Plaza in Dania but I have not been able to identify and confirm the location. It may be the Oakwood Kmart seen behind Biggs as he is arrested.

Max “buries” the dead. His 33rd victim, Location unknown.

Work continues, Wayne gets busted. Location unknown.

Out for a drive. Location unknown.

Then we see Teddy Bruck Shut driving westbound over the MacArthur Causeway bridge from Watson Island to Miami.

Then eastbound on the MacArthur Causeway.

Then we see the trio do another robbery.  Not enough is seen to determine the location.  Location unknown.

As they enter 919 Lincoln Road Mall, we can see 910 across the mall as well as the planters and fountains in the middle of the mall.

Then we see Biggs and Wayne pay Raquel a visit.  Location unknown.

Next we see Wayne and Biggs making the rounds at a car wash/Bakery. This was filmed somewhere in Little Haiti. Exact location unknown.

Then they go shopping. This was filmed at 919 Lincoln Road Mall in South Miami Beach.  Pampaloni Silver.

Next we go to an outdoor party. This was likely filmed at Opa Locka Airport but I have not confirmed this yet.

Then we see Biggs meet with and receive money from Teddy Bruck Shot. This was filmed up in Broward County. It was filmed at Pro Quality Collision, 185 SW 20th Way in Dania, Fl.

Then they decide to go to Opa-locka to follow the lead that Gussy had given them.  They hit the Jitney stealing the drug shipment.  Location in Opa-locka unknown.

Then we see a shot over the Miami Beach convention center looking back toward Miami.

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20 years later Biggs returns from the United States via Norman Manley International Airport.

Asylum Night Club, 69 Knutsford Blvd., Kingston.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org