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Julian sneaks into Gina and Reggie’s apartment to get them but Bucum is able to stop him which leads to a bathroom scene somewhat reminiscent of the Scarface scene. All filmed on location at the Diane Motel.

This leads us back to the marina. This time the second marina, the Coast Guard hangar at Dinner Key.

As the police car pulls in, we briefly see Monty’s in the background.  We see Monty’s used several times in Burn Notice.

From there we  go to Bucum’s apartment.  Burn Notice fans will immediately recognize this as Michael’s loft. This was filmed on location at 528 NW 7th Ave., Miami. Fans will notice some differences. Bucum enters thru the north end. The doors he enters in through are props built into a fake wall built within the loft. The spiral staircase is also a prop installed for appearance and leads up to an imaginary third floor.

Then we see an aerial view of downtown from over Bayside.

Then we go to the Barkley residence.  Location unknown. If you know where this or any other unknown location is, please let me know at

Next we see a quick aerial shot of a cruise ship in Government Cut.

Then we see Bucum and Reggie driving and talking. They are northbound on South Miami Avenue in South Miami driving by Villa Vizcaya.

We see them pass the rear of 291 Shore Drive East.

The camera view switches to Reggie and they continue northbound on South Miami Avenue passing Samana Drive but the view is to the east.

They continue north past the entrance to Villa Vizcaya.

They continue north on South Miami Avenue crossing SW 32nd Road.

The last two cuts were likely filmed in this area but I have not tracked them down yet. Location unknown.

Then we return to Bucum’s place. The aerial view actually matches the location. There they learn that Gina has been taken and they develop a plan to get her back.

They deliver their message at the marina. The second marina that is, the Dinner Key Coast Guard sea plane hangar.

If you look closely you can see the cable extending from the rear of the vehicle that was used to stop it from crashing into the Chris-craft.

This leads us to the Flagler Dog Track. The aerial view matches the actual location. We have seen the Flagler Dog Track used in the movies Bellboy and A Hole In The Head. 401-450 NW 37th Avenue, Miami.

They break out of Flagler Dog Track and then we see them driving. In the first cut we see them westbound on NW North River Drive by NW 4th Street headed toward Bucum’s place.

Then we see them eastbound on SW 3rd Street under the metro-rail.

They continue eastbound on SW 3rd Street.

Eastbound in the 100 block of SW 3rd Street. This is west of where we just saw them eastbound.

Continuing eastbound on SW 3rd Street.

Westbound on NW North River Drive passing the Scottish Rite.

Then eastbound on NW North River Drive passing Fort Dallas just east of the Scottish Rite.



Scottish Rite

Bucum’s place

Eastbound on SW 3rd Street passing SW 1st Court again.

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The location of the next two cuts are unknown.

They continue eastbound on NW North River Drive.

Then westbound on SE 5th Street headed away from Brickell Avenue toward South Miami Avenue and passing under the metro-rail. The building seen in the background is Rivergate Plaza.

Then location unknown.