2 Fast 2 Furious

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Next we cut to an interrogation room. This is most likely a studio set but the location is unknown.

Then we cut to a high tech briefing room where Brian is recruited. This was also likely a studio set but the location is unknown.

Then we cut to what is suppose to be Barstow California to recruit Roman. Location unknown but the shot from above is clearly not Florida. It does however look computer generated.

The filming on the grounds may have been filmed in Florida, location unknown. The surroundings do not match up at all with the establishing shot from above.

Then we see them arrive back in Miami via the Port of Miami Bridge.

Then we see them arrive at a US Customs building. Location unknown.

Then they go inside a hangar to receive their cars. This may have been filmed at Opa-locka Airport but I have not confirmed this yet.

Next they hit the road in their new rides. We see them first on NW 5th Street, passing NW 5th Avenue headed east. The Scottish rite is seen in the background as they pass NW 5th Ave.

Then it cuts and we see them turn from northbound on NW 5th Avenue onto NW 5th Street where we just saw them pass. Even when watching this the first time, in real time it was pretty obvious that they are passing over the same ground again.

It cuts and we see them still eastbound but somehow they are further west on NW 5th Street. They are headed toward NW 6th Ave.

Tower seen in background

It cuts again and jumps to northbound on NW North River Drive by Fort Dallas. We see this stretch of road used often in Burn Notice.

Then back to NW 5th Street a few yards east of where we first saw them.

They continue eastbound on NW 5th Street as he keeps his eyes on her.

He hits the brakes on NW 5th Street at NW 3rd Court.

Then we see them eastbound on the MacArthur Causeway with the Port of Miami seen in the background.

Then northbound through the 3000 block of Brickell Ave.

Past Madona’s old house (3029 Brickell Ave,) which we saw used in Miami Vice and the Burn Notice episodes; Rough Seas and Seek and Destroy.

Then we see them going the opposite way, southbound on Brickell Ave.

They stop outside Sylvester Stallone’s house, 100 SE 32nd Rd.

We go inside and then the audition is on.

They head out into the Glades, on Alligator alley between 27 and 869.

Then we see them go from alligator alley eastbound thru the exchange to northbound on 869/Sawgrass Expressway.

The first time I remember seeing this location used was in Smokey and the Bandit 3.

Then back to westbound on Alligator Alley between 869 and 27.

Then we cut to the Customs offices, location unknown.

Then back to Alligator Alley.

there some of the competition is deleted, between 27 and 869.

Then it cuts and they are magically relocated onto the Gratigny Parkway headed east toward Opa-locka.

Then back to Alligator Alley before returning to Gratigny Parkway.

Brian does a silly reverse driving stunt while going east, just west of the NW 37th Avenue exit off the Gratigny Parkway.

Then they take the exit for Le Jeune Douglas Expressway Northbound.

More of the competition is then removed at this exit.

Then we see our duo fly past a dim wit, For this they have moved down to NW 2nd Avenue where they travel northbound past NW 67th Street.

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