Then we see them arrive at the police impound yard. This was filmed on Virginia Key at the Rickenbacker Marina. A little over 2 miles away from there starting point,they sure went the long way around to get here.

We see him crash thru the center pole of a gate which would have totaled the car yet he continues and we see no damage at all to the Mitsubishi.

We get a quick glimpse of the Miami Marine stadium in the background. This was made famous in the Elvis Presley movie, Clambake. Burn Notice and Miami Vice have since used this location.

Intercut we return to Carter’s house at 100 SE 32nd Road where he is checking backgrounds.

They find the car and the package.

Then back to Carter’s where he continues to check backgrounds.

Then we see them northbound on Brickell Ave. away from Carter’s and then it cuts and we see them arriving at Carter’s house.

They get a job and then we see them arrive back at Brian’s in Hollywood Florida. The Restaurant/bar seen in the background with the grass roof behind Brian’s is the bar we see in the Burn Notice episode, Past and Future Tense where Burt Reynold’s tends bar.

Goof: When they pull in from the north it is late afternoon with the sun casting long shadows. Seconds later they are walking in and it is about 11:00 AM based on the shadows and the truck is now parked more in line with the building and the wheels are now straight.

They are being watched from Minnesota Avenue at Ocean which they quickly take care of.

Then we go to East Coast Fisheries for a meet. This was filmed on location at 40 SW North River Drive, Miami. We saw this location used in the Miami Vice episode, Give a Little, Take a Little.

Then we see “Fonzi” and “Fabio” southbound on NW South River Drive over the entrance canal to Palmer Lake.

They meet with “Fonzi and Fabio” in front of Jones Boat Yard, 3393 NW South River Drive.

They start a drag race there and proceed south on NW South River Drive. We see them pass 3301 NW South River Drive.

Then we see an aerial view of them covering the same ground again.

They reach Bo Jeans, made famous in the pilot of Miami Vice and reused in Miami Vice 2006. There they round the barrels before the bridge and head back north on NW South River Drive.

As they head north, Roman is catching up until “Fabio” hits a sign just north of Stone Age Antiques (opposite side of the street). Roman spins out. At one point Stone Age Antiques is seen in the background. If your visiting Miami and have seen the touristy things you wanted to see, I recommend you browse through this store. I would describe it as a larger version of the American Pickers store but they came along well before American Pickers. They have supplied props to numerous television shows and movies filmed in the Miami area and you may recognize some while in the store. 3236 NW South River Drive.

Then we see Fonzi and Brian take the same route between bridges. Brian uses a game of chicken to get back in the race and wins by half a length at Jones Boat Yard.

Then we see Brian and Roman head off with their new cars. They leave northbound on NW South River Drive.

Then we see them arrive at Pearl for a night out. This was filmed at 1 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.

Then we return to Brian’s place in Hollywood, Florida.

From there we return to Carter’s place (Sylvester Stallone’s house).

Then we see Brian and Roman return to East Coast Fisheries for another meet. There they develop their own plan.

Then we go to 318 NW 23rd Street, Miami. Here they scout the location for their plan.

We have since seen this same location used in Burn Notice. In episode 30, Question and Answer.

Then we return to Brian’s where they  get the cars ready.

Then we cut to a sunset beyond 7 mile bridge in the Keys. We have seen this stretch of road used in: True Lies, License To Kill, and the Burn Notice episode, Loose Ends. This segment was filmed on Pigeon Key.

Then we see a view of Miami from the Port Bridge.

Then Carter’s place.

There we see them leave and head north on the dead end section of Brickell Ave.

Intercut we see the customs command center. Location unknown, likely a set.

Then we see Customs getting ready. Thanks to Harold Loeser we know that this was filmed at the Dade Collier Training and Transition Airport.

Then we see Detective Whitworth in his office, Location unknown.

Then team 1, in trailer park opposite 19630 NE 26th Avenue.

Team 2. Location unknown.

Team 3 is clearly located on Carter’s private boat dock in his back yard. That makes no sense. They must have been hoping no one was paying any attention.

We see the Detective in his office and then we cut to Calle Ocho (3501) outside the Versailles Restaurant where we see Roman and Brian arrive. We saw this same turn made in the opening montage of the Pilot of Miami Vice, making this location famous.

As seen in Miami Vice.

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2 Fast 2 Furious.

As seen in Burn Notice, Question and Answer.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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