2 Fast 2 Furious

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Next we go to Carter’s trailer park property where they pick up a load of money. Thanks to Harold Loeser we now know that this was filmed in Aventura Florida opposite the Aventura Mall, between W Dixie Hwy. and NE 26th Ave. This park no longer exist.

We then see the police helicopter responding. Location unknown.

Then we see the police cars responding.

Location unknown.

Back to the Command center, likely a studio set.

Then we return to the trailer park where they realize the police are coming. The house seen in the background was key to finding this location. 19630 NE 26th Avenue.

Then we see the command center call the helicopter in closer. The helicopter is over Overtown with the view looking west past the helicopter and the 395/95 exchange.

Then we cut to the ground where Brian and Roman are being chased. This was filmed on the ramp from US 1 north to Florida 821 northbound in Florida City.

They continue northbound on 821 and we cut to the helicopter.

Then we cut to the helicopter. It is nowhere near the chase. It is 30 miles to the north over the City Of Miami Cemetery, NE 2nd Ave and NE 18th Street.

Looks like they continue north on 821 but I have not placed this cut exactly.

Then northbound back near where we first saw them on 821.

Then southbound on 821.

Then northbound again south of SW 328th Street.

Then southbound on 821 passing SW 302nd Street in Homestead.

The cops attempt to stop Brian and Roman but it fails.

Then we see the plane arrive. This was filmed at the Dade Collier Training and Transition Center.

We see a brief shot of the command center  then we see Brian and Roman exit southbound 821 at exit 1 just a few hundred yards from where they started the chase.

As they take the exit, it cuts and then we see them magically moved 29 miles to the north. They are southbound on NW 6th Avenue by NW 23rd Street.

We see them travel thru the 2300 block of NW 6th Avenue a couple of times and then it cuts and they are still southbound on NW 6th Avenue but they are somehow now further north. They are now passing NW 27th Street.

Passing I.N. Shoes southbound on NW 6th Ave. I.N. Shoes is located at 590 NW 27th Street.

Then they pass thru the 2300 block of NW 6th Avenue a couple more times.

Then we see them take the corner from NW 6th Avenue onto NW 21st Terrace.

Then we see them turn from northbound on NW 5th Avenue to eastbound on NW 22nd Street.

Then we see them back on NW 21st Terrace approaching NW 5th Avenue.

Then eastbound on NW 22nd Street with NW 2nd Avenue in the background.

Then it cuts back to NW 21st Terrace again.

Then we see them by Maria Morena, 2545 NW 5th Avenue.

Then we see the helicopter over southern South Miami Beach with Fisher Island in the background. Again, no where near the action. They are talking with the command center, location unknown but probably a set.

Then we see Brian and Roman go from eastbound on NW 26th Street to southbound on NW 5th Avenue.

They continue south on NW 5th Avenue.

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The cars continue northbound on 821.

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