Release date: 07/15/1998 (USA)

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The movie opens at Cumberland High School, Cumberland Rhode Island. At least that is where it is suppose to be in the story. In reality this was filmed at the town hall in Plantation, Florida. 400 NW 73rd Avenue.

Here we meet Mary.

Then we see them walking from school to Mary’s home. They are walking northbound on Santa Maria Street. We see 4515 Santa Maria Street in the background.

Then we arrive at Mary’s. The exterior was filmed on location at 4412 Santa Maria Street, Coral Gables. This was Bob Griese’s home at the time.

Then we return to the school briefly. Filmed on location at 400 NW 73rd Ave., Plantation.

Then we see Ted arrive at Mary’s to pick her up. He arrives from the north and stops in front of 4412 Santa Maria Street. Note; there are shrubs near the house but none by the road.

Then Mary’s Dad opens the door. Here we have switched houses for the interior shots. We are now, I believe (98%) at 4409 Santa Maria Street which we saw in the background earlier. I have not been inside to confirm this 100% but all evidence points to this being the filming location for all the interior scenes except for the bathroom scene. Note that now there are not any shrubs by the house but a line of shrubs has instantly grown up by the road. We now see 4430 and 4412 Santa Maria Street in the background and between them and further back we see the Biltmore golf course.



Then we go inside. The fireplace and window arrangement were key clues in locating this house.

Then Ted uses the bathroom for the famous frank and beans scene. The interior of the bathroom was not in the house. The bathroom and view out the window were filmed on a set at Greenwich studios, 12100 NE 16th Ave. The rest of the house was filmed on location.

Then the story jumps ahead 13 years. This was not filmed in Florida. This was filmed in Providence, Rhode Island inside the Fleet Bank Building, now Bank of America. 55 Fulton Street. We will see more of this building later in the movie.

Then we see Ted getting some more advice in a park. This was also filmed in Providence Rhode Island. On College Hill at Prospect Terrace Park, 60 Congdon Street. (Note: Providence like allot of northern cities assigns street addresses in a somewhat random order without any logic or navigational meaning. The number 60 does not mean that the park is located in the center of downtown in the first block, only the spot on that particular street).

“Each day is better than the next”. We see Ted at Dom’s house. Also filmed in Providence, at 73 Congdon Street. In December 2015 I visited here and the woman who lives there nicely allowed me to visit the grounds and take re-creation photographs. She also lived there at the time of the filming and I enjoyed hearing from her of the experience.

Next we see Ted hire Healy. This was filmed at the same Fleet Bank Building in Providence. 55 Fulton Street, downtown.

Then we see the filming return to Florida. We see the welcome sign on the Julia Tuttle Causeway that welcomes driver’s onto Miami Beach.

Then a shot of downtown from Watson Island.

Then a cigar shop. A quick reverse phone number check of the number we see on the store window reveals that this was filmed at the El Credito Cigar Factory,  1106 SW 8th St (Calle Ocho), Miami.

Then we go to Jose Marti Park, a popular filming location (Miami Vice, Burn Notice, Marley and Me...). 362 SW 4th Street, Miami.

Back to Watson Island for a view of the Port of Miami.

Then we meet Sully. He is arriving at the Big Pink by driving northbound on Collins Avenue on South Miami Beach. The Big Pink is located at 157 Collins Ave.

Then we see them eastbound toward Miami Beach (where we just saw them) on the MacArthur Causeway.

Then we see them arrive at Sully’s apartment. Thanks to Harold Loeser, we now know that this was filmed at the Ambassador Apartments, 1600 SW 1st Avenue in Miami. Thanks again Harold.

Then we cut to the exterior of Mary’s apartment where Healy is eaves dropping from the street. This was filmed on location at 2066 North Bayshore Drive, Miami.

Sadly, on March 25, 2008 a crane lifting a 20 foot long lifter section at a construction site dropped the section, it fell killing two people and caused severe damage to Mary’s home causing it to be torn down instead of being incorporated into the construction.

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Photo by Mark, Dublin, Ireland