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Next we see Mary driving some golf balls at an aqua driving range with Healy watching. This was filmed on location at 2250 South Park Road in Hallandale, Florida.

Next we see Mary picking up some Checker’s with Healy still following her. Location unknown.

Then we see Healy follow Mary to her destination where she hands out the Checker’s food. This was filmed on location at Matheson Hammock County Park. A popular filming location for Burn Notice, you may also recognize it from it’s significant role in the movie, Absence of Malice.

While at Matheson Hammock County Park Mary has lunch with some friends while Healy listens in. This was filmed at the Red Fish Grill within the park.

Red fish Grill

As seen in Absence of Malice

Then we see a nighttime establishing shot of downtown from Watson Island.

Then we cut to Healy outside of Mary’s on North Bayshore Drive.

Intercut we see Sully in his apartment talking on the phone with Healy. Healy has pushed Sully off the wagon. Location unknown.

From Mary’s we cut back to Rhode Island. Healy has returned to Rhode Island to brief Ted. They meet at the Hot Club, 575 South Water Street, Providence.

Then we cut to Ted’s place, he is suppose to be in Rhode Island but in reality this was filmed in Downtown Miami with some fake snow. Fans of the Bad Boy Movie may recognize this location from that movie as one of the locations used as the police station where the drugs were stolen. 54 NE 2nd Street, Miami.

Ted’s bedroom window.

Then we go inside the Fleet Bank bank where Ted learns that Healy is going to move to Miami. Ted starts to feel something is hinky. This was filmed in the Fleet Bank Building (now Bank of America) at 55 Fulton Street.

Then we jump back north to Providence. This exact shot cannot be recreated because shortly after this filming they reconfigured the street and moved the statue 160 yards to the south west. This was filmed at 55 Fulton Street in City Center.

Then we see them walk out of the building onto Fulton Street.

Healy is parked here.

Then we see Ted drinking with Dom, filmed at the same location where we saw him meet with Healy earlier. At the Hot Club in Providence.

Then the filming returns to Florida. We are back at the Aqua Golf in Hallandale and Healy is starting his sleazy ploy.

Then the filming returns to Providence Rhode Island. We see Ted having a rough go of it at 1867 Benefit Street.

Goof: When the guy drives off in his wheel chair he drags the big wheel down the street. Then we see Ted headed up the stairs and the big wheel is back at the base of the stairs.

Then we see Ted visit his old high school friend for an adjustment. Location unknown.

Then we see Ted visit Dom at work. This was filmed in the office building at the end of Moshassuck Ct. in Providence.

Then we return to Miami. This was filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

We see Healy listening in from outside. He was filmed on location on N. Bayshore Drive.

Then he goes inside, a set at Greenwich Studios.

Next we see Healy going to an architecture exhibit with Mary. This was filmed in Downtown Miami at the Miami Dade Cultural Center, 101 West Flagler Street. The three re-creation photos below right are courtesy of Mark from Dublin, Ireland. Thanks Mark.

Then we see Ted driving to Miami. He picks up a hitchhiker along the way. Location unknown.

Then Ted stops at a rest area. Location unknown.

Then we cut to Dom’s living room where he sees Ted being arrested at the rest area. Location unknown, likely a set.

Then we return to Miami with a nighttime shot of downtown.

Then we see Mary and Healy out on a date. This was filmed at Bayside Marketplace, it has been dressed up in something of a carnival fashion.

Then they end their date outside Mary’s house on North Bayshore Drive in Miami.

Then we cut to Ted in an interrogation room. Location unknown.

Then we see Mary arriving at work with Healy watching. This was filmed at 701 Brickell Avenue (rear). Made famous in the opening montages of Miami Vice, we saw this location used in the movie Absence of Malice.

Then we see Mary up in an office, though she is not in the building we just saw her enter. She has moved south to One Brickell Square on the SE corner of Brickell Avenue and SE 8th Street.

Reverse view from Virginia Key.

Intercut we see Healy listening in from 701 Brickell Ave.



Then we see Ted get out of jail. Location unknown.

Then we see Ted on the road. Location unknown.

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Photo by Mark, Dublin, Ireland.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

The two pictures below are the first two that I have published on any of my location sites that I took using my drone to re-create a shot. I was higher than the original camera position but it was my first attempt at re-creating an elevated shot.

The pub put a nice little plaque up to commemorate the filming of this movie there. However they placed it in the wrong spot if they were trying to place it next to the table where Ted sat. It is one post to close to the building. Where they sat is the next one down away from the building as proven by triangulating multiple objects seen in the background.