Original release date: 10/07/1994 USA

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The movie starts out in 1984, Bogota, Columbia. In reality this was not filmed in Colombia. It was filmed in Rock Island, TN. We start on Great Falls Road near the dam.

Then we cut to Great Falls Dam.

Ray Quick (Stallone) and Ted Trent (Woods) are on a mission. They stand on the north side of the river while the truck approaches from the south.

Goof: The prominent Sugar Maple visible in the foreground makes it impossible to believe they are in Columbia no matter how hard one wants to believe it.

Fortunately Act 1 opens in Miami. Quick is in a phone booth on Ocean Drive opposite the Clevelander Hotel. 1020 Ocean Drive. We have seen the Clevelander used in: The Pilot of Miami Vice (drive by scene), The Good Collar, Viking Bikers From Hell, and Mirror Image.

Then we see Quick respond to a message. He appears to dial 3966 but the number on the ad is 555-4211.

Happily this movie uses great locations. Sadly this movie has horrible writers and terrible acting. For example we see the Clevelander used in this scene but we hear some of the worst dialog ever heard in a movie. Bullets not precise but an explosion is. WHAT?? That desperately needed to be re-written. Maybe; “bullets are too good for them, I want them blown to bits”.

Then we see Quick walk over the 24th Street pedestrian bridge to Collins Avenue. We have seen this used in Miami Vice, episode 36, One Way Ticket as well as in the movie Bad Boys.

Quick hops on a Brickell Shuttle bus despite being nowhere near the Brickell area. Filmed viewing north up Collins Avenue at 24th Street. The bus is headed south on Collins Ave.

Then we see Quick outside the client’s (May Munro (Sharon Stone)) home. This was filmed at the Hindu Temple. 870 NW 11th Street.

Built in 1920, it is all together fitting that a major motion picture use this unique home as a filming location. That is because this home was inspired by the first major moving picture production in Miami, The Jungle Trial (1919). A temporary set of the temple was built for the filming and John Seybold liked it so much that after the filming ended in 1919. He built the temple as his permanent home on the very site of the film set.

Quick appears to be at a bar but it is in reality, a private residence. 1017 NW 9th Court. Right up the Street from Madeline’s home in the Burn Notice series. We see Michael drive Madeline by this residence in the Pilot of Burn Notice.

Then we see Quick has tailed May to a Cemetery. This appears to be the City of Miami Cemetery located on N Miami Avenue at NE 18th Street. I recognized the cemetery from Burn Notice where it was used in episode 54 Hard Time and episode 60 Dead or Alive. I have to go there in person to confirm this,  but it seems to match up with what we see in Burn Notice. Location unconfirmed.

As seen in Hard Time

Then we see a nice nighttime view of Miami from the area of SW 2nd Avenue along the south bank of the Miami River.

The camera pans down and into a purpose built set of a building on the lot of Gold Coast Shipping. The building made famous in Miami Vice as the exterior of the OCB.

Then we go to a party. This was filmed on Brickell Key along the west shore line as indicated in the satellite picture below.

We cut to May arriving at the party. This was filmed at the front of the Greenberg Traurig building at 1221 Brickell Avenue. Probably best known for it’s role in Stone’s War, we have also seen this location used in; Killshot, One Eyed Jack (background), Everybody’s In Showbiz (drive by), the movies, True Lies and Miami Vice 2006 and the Burn Notice episode Wanted Man.  

Then we see some fireworks filmed not from the party spot but from the Brickell Key Bridge that played such a role in the Miami Vice episode, Smuggler’s Blues. The fireworks are at the rear of the Flagship National Bank Building, 701 Brickell Avenue that is seen in the opening montage of Miami Vice as well as having a significant role in the movies, Absence Of Malice, There’s Something About Mary and briefly in the Miami Vice episode, Trust Fund Pirates.

Then we move about 230 yards to the north, back to the party platform.

Then we return to Quick’s place on the Miami River.

Then we cut to day light and Quick is boarding a bus. Bus number 9372. This was filmed on location at, Indian Creek Drive by 41st Street.

They proceed south and out the window we see the Venezia Hotel on the east side of the drive at 3865 Indian Creek Drive.

Building seen out the left (west) side of bus.

Venezia Hotel

Bus stop

Then it cuts To Quick walking toward the back of the bus. For this the filming has moved to the southwest about 5.4 miles. We are now southbound on SW 2nd Avenue approaching the Miami River.

We see the power station in numerous episodes of Miami Vice including No Exit and Whatever Works.

Then it cuts to the back of the bus and the filming has returned to Indian Creek Drive in the 3800 block.

Then the camera cuts back to Quick and the filming has returned south to SW 2nd Avenue approaching the bridge over the Miami River.

Then we see bus 9372 stop at the SW 2nd Avenue drawbridge as it raises over the Miami River.

Quick gets into a fight on the bus and kicks one of his opponents out the window of the bus. Not the bus he was on (9372) but another bus. Bus number 9369, probably parked at the studio for this shot.

Then we cut to Espanola Way, a favorite filming location for Miami Vice and Movies. We see the front of 412 Espanola Way that was the exterior of the theater in Everybody’s in Showbiz.

Then we go inside. We saw this same room used in the Pilot of Miami Vice.

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As seen in Bad Boys


As seen in One Way Ticket

As seen in Miami Vice

One Way Ticket

As seen in Everybody’s In Showbiz

As seen in the Miami Vice Pilot

25 47’ 12.64” N  80 07’ 55.23” W

25 46’ 09.96” N  80 11’ 51.20” W

25 46’ 12.33” N  80 11’ 51.34” W

25 48’ 46.51” N  80 07’ 26.80 W

25 45’ 40.75” N  80 11’ 30.22” W

25 46’ 03.55” N

80 11’ 12.56” W

25 46’ 05.26” N  80 11’ 49.33” W

25 47’ 36.14” N  80 11’ 32.87” W

25 47’ 02.19” N  80 12’ 35.12” W

25 48’ 00.74” N  80 07’ 38.47” W

25 46’ 49.97” N  80 07’ 50.24” W