License  To  Kill


License To Kill with Timothy Dalton was released on 07/14/1989.  

The first half of this film was filmed in the Florida Keys.  Mostly in Key West, Sugarloaf Key, and at 7 mile bridge.

The teaser starts with an aerial shot over the Sugarloaf key area.

The U.S. Air force is tracking drug baron Franz Sanchez as he heads into U.S. territory. They state he is headed for a landing at Cray Cay.

While the above map has them landing between the Bahamas and the Florida Keys they are actually landing at Sugarloaf Shores Airport in the Keys.

The scene cuts to Felix Leiter riding with James Bond and Sharkey on the way to Felix Leiter's wedding. They are northbound on the northern half of 7 mile Bridge.

The scene now cuts to a house where Sanchez's girl is having a fling with another man. This is what has lured Sanchez into U.S. territory risking his freedom. The house is conveniently located next to the airport at Sugarloaf Shores so it makes sense not only in the movie but also in real life.

In the picture below the yellow arrow points to the house where Lupe was with her boyfriend. They approach the house from the airport and the side of the house with the stairs is facing the bottom of the picture. The purple arrow at the left of the picture represents the way Sanchez's plane came in for a landing.

The Coast Guard helicopter with Felix's DEA friends picks up James Bond  and Felix.

This occurs at the north end of 7 mile bridge. This spot is now fully paved and is a small parking lot for people who wish to bike, jog, or walk on the old flagler bridge out to Pigeon Key.

The helicopter takes them to Sugarloaf Shores Airport to catch Sanchez.

A little paint and some landscaping, but otherwise the houses in the background are unchanged.

Side note:  In the background, between these two guys, just over the tree line can be seen the bat tower. A tower built out of cedar shingles to house bats that would eat the local insects.  Natural pest control.

In the picture above we see the Sugarloaf Shores Airport area. The house that I drew the light green square around is the house that Lupe was shacked up in with her boyfriend. The purple box next to it is where we see Sanchez and his men approach the house. The yellow  rectangle is where Sanchez leaps from his jeep. The light blue rectangle is where James leaps from the helicopter and takes up concealment behind the barrels. The red square is drawn around the houses we see in the background of the jeep attack on James. The darker green rectangle is where Sanchez's jet was parked. The blue rectangle is where Sanchez gets into the small plane to get away.

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