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Some of the air chase was shot over the Sugarloaf Key area.  According to the bonus features section of the DVD  the close up shots were filmed at the U.S. Naval Air Station on Boca Chica Key as seen in the pictures below. I think the DVD is not correct. I believe the filming was done at the U.S. Coast Guard station on Key West, near where they shot the following scenes of Sanchez's detention. The location looks right, while the Naval Air-Station has no area that could even come close to matching up.

In the picture at right I have placed a yellow border around the light pole that is seen in the picture above just to the right of the plane.  Further evidence that the DVD information is not correct on this location.

In the picture below,we see how close two filming locations were. The top pier is where James captures Sanchez's plane with a cable.  On the pier right below this is the building we will see as the interrogation block used to temporarily hold Sanchez.

In the picture below we see James and Felix Parachute to Felix's wedding.  In this shot they are over Sugarloaf Shores.  The Sugarloaf Shores Airport is just off screen. What we can see is Sugarloaf Blvd. running up the right side of the picture away from US1. Trivia:  If you were to follow Sugarloaf Blvd. for about a mile you would get to the house used in the Miami Vice (2006) movie where Crockett takes Isabella to get away at the end.

Felix is late for his own wedding, after securing Sanchez,  Felix and James drop into the wedding located at St. Mary's Star of the Sea Church. 1010 Windsor lane, Key West, Fl.

After the opening credits the film opens at the Coast Guard Interrogation Block. Actually a building at the Key West Coast Guard Station. Address seen in background is 106.  Location found using Google Earth. I have not been on the base yet to take a picture but on satellite it seems the site is mostly unchanged.

Wisteria Island can be seen in the background just to the left of the ship Dauntless.

Next we cut to Felix's wedding reception.

This was filmed at 707 South Street, Key West.

We then cut away to see Sanchez being transported northbound on 7 mile bridge. This is the same area that we saw Felix, Sharky, and James riding to the wedding on the new highway. Now however; they are on the old Flagler bridge that runs alongside the new highway. The new highway is seen to the left.

In the shot below we see them approaching the end of 7 mile bridge with Knight Key in the background. Right in front of the truck is where the helicopter had landed on Knight Key to pick James, Felix, and Sharky up to go after Sanchez.

In the picture below we see the truck headed off the bridge. It is headed for an area marked by orange cones. If you look closely you can see that the guardrails have been replaced in this one short section. They have been replaced with weak 2x4 wood boards. If you look to the left side of the picture you see the metal guardrails. When the original Flagler railroad bridge was converted into a roadway they pulled up the tracks and used the rails for both the guardrails and upright supports. No way was the truck just going to cruise through them so they had to be replaced at this one point for the stunt to work. If you look at the pictures above you can more clearly the rails. They are most clearly seen in the picture (3 pictures above) that I took showing both roadways.

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